Complete Radon Test Inspection Colorado Springs

Since radon gas is colorless, tasteless, and odorless, it is hard to know when it is present and you’re breathing it in. Once inside your chest, it starts to break down, depositing energy laden bundles of radioactivity in your body, damaging tissue and cell structure.  It is not just enough to establish that there is radon gas present in your home’s air, you need to find out how it is entering, where it is harboring, and how to block it from continuing to invade. The only way to really learn the what and where of radon gas in your home is through the expertise of a trained, licensed radon inspection and mitigation professional. 

Certified Radon Mitigation Pros is a locally owned and operated Colorado Springs company that is concerned about your family’s health, and that of your employees. We know that radon causes serious health issues, many in the form of lung cancer increased incidents.  Inspecting a property for radon gas is increasingly common in Colorado, since Colorado has the highest overall testing levels in the nation due to our abundant ground born uranium deposits. As uranium breaks down through natural processes, it releases the gas, which works its way to the surface, carrying its radioactive potential along. Where soil has been disturbed, concrete poured on top of the ground, or earth moved and worked, the radon has better chance for finding ways to escape the soil and come up where it settles under your home’s subfloors, inside walls, and in other areas of quiet air.

You Need to Get Your Colorado Springs Home Inspection for Radon

A qualified radon contractor will both test and thoroughly inspect your home to see where radon is entering and how they can suggest best mitigating the problem. This will include cracks in the foundation and slab, where vent pipes enter and allow space, and where ceilings and walls meet and allow seepage. New home buyers are increasingly asking if home inspection Colorado includes radon testing, as more than 50% of all homes in Colorado have the potential for excessive levels of radon requiring mitigation. Our trained crew can inspect your home, test, and provide an estimate for alleviating the potential issues radon may cause. Call us or send in our online contact form and we will call you to set up an appointment and get started.