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Radon gas is present in over 50% of the homes that get tested in Colorado. Radon breaks down into radioactive particles once you breathe the surrounding air – and radon gas – that has seeped into your home from the ground. Radon gas has a proven link to increased rates of lung cancer and respiratory issues. The only true way to deal with radon is a thorough and well-designed plan to mitigate the problem. A qualified and licensed radon contractor has taken special training and is well experienced in the correct and effective methods of designing an overall plan to deal with the radon intrusion in your home is a must.

There are a variety of different factors that go into designing an effective radon mitigation system for your home once radon has been detected. Since radon is so common in Colorado, a radon mitigation system is actually a plus when homebuyers are asking about your property should you decide to sell. It shows a responsible homeowner who pays attention to and takes care of home challenges, and a professional company handling the testing and work provide reliability. Whether you need a system that vents and pipes out the radon laden air, or more aggressive sealing is required to stop radon gas from pooling into dead air spaces, Certified Radon Mitigation Pros can design an effective system. We stay up on current industry recommendations, follow all safety best practices, take pride in clean work sites and staying on schedule. Call us or send in our contact form and we will set up a convenient time to meet with you and start on a solution for your radon mitigation needs.


We Are Your Expert Radon Mitigation System Colorado Springs Licensed Contractor

We get asked right away when we return an inquiry call to a new client “how much does a radon mitigation system cost in Colorado?”  This is a question that we cannot honestly answer until we do an inspection of the structure involved and test your radon levels. The reason is every single structure and ground situation is different, depending on the type of construction, your foundation or slab, the crawl space and dead air zones in the walls, and how tightly sealed your walls and ceilings are as well as how efficient and well engineered the layout of your HVAC system appears. All those factors contribute to how the radon is invading and mixing with the air in your living space, as well as what it will take to correct the health hazard. Some corrections are as simple as a plastic sheeting barrier under your home with exhaust fans and venting. Other homes require far more detailed plans and may require sealing of wall and ceiling joints and other areas to help balance the air ventilation pressure and other factors in a home.

 A radon mitigation system cost should not be excessive, however. Certified Radon Mitigation Pros believes in helping Colorado Springs residents protect their family’s health, and we strive to provide reliable, experienced, professional service for designing and installing a radon mitigation system that will work well for your structure at the best possible price. Call us now to arrange for a free estimate.