Certified Radon Mitigation Colorado Springs Service is Just a Call Away

Radon gas that breaks down and releases radioactive particles is a reality in mineral rich Colorado soil. Radon works its way to the surface and up into the still air space of your walls, subflooring, and crawl space, exposing your family to the long-term effects of radon gas and the radioactivity harbors. Protect your family by having your home or business tested for radon levels and then having a custom radon mitigation plan created for your property. Certified Radon Mitigation Pros is a locally owned and operated radon testing and mitigation contractor licensed by the State of Colorado.  We are trained and certified by the state and maintain a vested interest in professional industry organizations for the most current information available on radon and the potential negative health effects, namely lung cancer, a proven problem due to exposure.

Our trained crew knows what to look for, how to correctly test to establish a baseline level on your property, and will create a free estimate for mitigation services specific to your property’s geological makeup and construction specifics. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and come highly recommended. When you call or send in our convenient online contact form, one of our professional staff will contact you to set up a convenient time to come assess the potential for dangerous radon gas in your home or business. Radon is an unavoidable consequence of natural processes, but one that can be mitigated successfully at a very reasonable cost. Protect your family and your property investment with reliable, trained radon testing and mitigation services today. We service Colorado Springs and the entire Pikes Peak region and Colorado range.

Radon Level Testing